Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aye! I Stink at Blogging Anymore!

Sooo it has been a while. Again. My only excuse is that after the last blog entry (November) things got a little crazy! There were the holidays, where I decided to go to my Dad's for 2 weeks. Figured that would at least help ease the whole my husband is in Iraq and I am sad thing. It did. We came home and it was time to start homecoming preparation. There were barracks rooms to ready, posters to make, outfits to buy, plans to be made...yea. The husband coming home after a year was a HUGE deal. He did arrive in January.

Since he has been home we have done LOTS of traveling. We went to his hometown during leave. We celebrated our first anniversary together (although it was actually our 3rd). We went to Gatlinburg, where we had rented a cabin in the mountains. In February. For whatever reason, this year, snow was abundant in Tennessee. We drove across the mountain to Cherokee, NC to gamble a little. Came out and, of course, it had apparently snowed the entire time we were in the casino. Road to get back across the mountain was closed. We ended up having to drive the long way. Problem was A) there had been a rock slide so the interstate between TN and NC was closed and B) it was freaking snowing. 7 hours later (it only took 1 hour to get to the casino) we arrived back to the road where our cabin was. Only to realize that it had been snowing! and we could not make it up the stupid hill in the car. So we hiked the 1.5 mile trip up the mountain to our cabin. In the snow. Carrying our fancy anniversary dinner from Arby's. Good times. We returned back to Texas and found out that they were predicting SNOW! We booked a trip to Vegas, arranged for a sitter for the kids, and off we went the next morning.

We had never been to Vegas and had an absolute blast! Came home once again and real life started. He is back at work and we are back in a routine. We did manage a couple more local trips over weekends to San Antonio and to Dallas. In San Antonio we went to SeaWorld and Six Flags with some friends. We went to Dallas to see some other friends off on their new adventure in Germany. We have a beach trip planned this weekend, a camping trip the next, and a couple weeks later we go back to TN. Busy beginning of summer for us.

Now that I am caught up. Again. Perhaps I can stay that way!

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