Monday, October 5, 2009


I took a picture earlier this evening of something that I find highly disturbing and wanted to make fun of my life just that much more, so I wanted to share it with you all.

This is what I took pictures of:

In case anyone ever wondered if I lie to them about the crap I deal with from this toddler. You know what that is, right? It is apple peel. She helps herself to apples, takes a few bites, spits the skin from those few bites in the floor, and then drops the apple wherever her little heart desires. Bless her little heart! (cue straightjackets)

As I uploaded the apple peel pictures, I stumbled across these other pictures. After leave, I drug a friend out to the recreation area near post. We went camping. For one night. Me, her, my two kids and her two kids. Fun was had by all. So although I am certain she is going to kill me, I am posting pics for all to adore. Truth is, her killing me isn't so scary after 8 months of deployment!!!!
The two big kids, playing DS. They camp in style ya know!
The baby. She's so awesome!
The toddler stole the baby's bear. Imagine that.
The friend and the baby. Hey, I posted the after make-up pic so be happy :)
P.S. This post may or may not have been written under the influence of pills from my horrible sprained ankle. Yup. I managed to cripple myself while being the only adult in the house. I rock!!!

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My Two Army Brats said...

DS's and make up on a camping trip? What the heck??

I recognized the apple peels from my own life with brat boys and apple love/peel hate relationships.