Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a Nose Not A Cabinet

Is it normal for 2 year olds to try to stick everything up their noses? I'm not talking about fingers here, I am talking everything. Beads, markers, everything. Today during lunch the toddler came over and was digging in her nose and acting all strange. I have experience with trying to get various items out of her nose and I realized that she had yet again stuffed something in there. When I asked her what she put up her nose, she point to her sandwich. She was able to blow it out and sure enough she had stuffed a piece of her PB&J sandwich up her nose. Why?????? What is wrong with her?

She also managed to get her little hands on my cell phone once again. This is a normal occurence. She has texted many of my friends with different smiley faces and such, but today it was different. I was outside and she brought me my phone and told me that her Daddy was talking to her. Since I knew that 1) he is in Iraq and 2) I was on the computer with him, I told her no her Daddy wasn't talking to her. Then I heard a faint male voice. Ummm? It was my little brother. She called him up and said HI! Whatcha doin'? He was a little confused and talked to her and then heard her telling me it was her Daddy. He found it hilarious that at 2 she is able to use my phone so well. My thing is that this phone has a keypad lock on it. She knows how to UNLOCK THE KEYS and use my phone. She has set alarms on it too. For crazy tasks like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmlllllllllllllllllppppppppppppp. Yup. She's brilliant.

Where is the Calgon?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Always Playing Catch Up

I don't understand what my deal with this blog is lately. I really thought I would lean heavily on this as an outlet during the deployment, but it hasn't happened that way. I can't even explain it. I can't say that it's because I have been busy because...well....I haven't. I will put forth more effort or something.

*****Wait I just figured out what the deal is, maybe. I started this blog to be cool and to keep family far, far away in the loop. The only family that reads it even is Mom and well...I talk to her so often that I feel like to write down things would be pointless. I then thought that it would be a good way to keep the husband in the loop and well...he doesn't read it. It's not like I have readers that are begging me to entertain them...because I am sure that anyone that doesn't love me ran off at the beginning of the deployment when crazy completely took over. So what is the point?****

An important update: my Grandma is fine. Whatever the doctors saw that caused them to turn our entire family upside down ended up being nothing. There is a small something that she will undergo further testing on, but if it is the C word, it is very early on and very treatable. That was a blessing!

I guess I will go ahead and continue with updates just in case there are any lurkers that are unaware....

All was right with my world for 16 days. 16 days of bliss. This is why:

Yup. It took a million days for him to make it, but he made it. We spent some great time together and he was able to talk to his family and his children (whom weren't allowed to be here for leave but I wont even go into that). We took a short little trip to the San Antonio area where we hung out at Schlitterbahn for a day and SeaWorld for a day. Huge thanks to SeaWorld and their Here's to the Heroes program. We made an overnight trip to Texarkana, AR. Solely because it is a city built in two states. I mean who wouldn't want to drive more than 5 hours to see that? Ok. So we really went there to pick up DQ from her summer with her father.

Better than any of the trips was having him home to feed, to watch tv with, to look at, to talk get the point. It was too short of a time and he has left again, but we are over the hump and it's a countdown to a more permanent homecoming now. The kids and I are settling back into a routine with school starting and dealing with his departure rather well I think. The toddler hasn't said "I want my Daddy" yet today and that is MAJOR progress.

I intend to make more of an effort to come here and fill pages with funny stories. Oh boy do I have them. Enough of this catching up nonsense. See ya soon bloggyworld!