Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emergency is in the eye of the beholder

I am often, lately, left wondering what exactly would be considered an emergency? You see, different people view that word differently. For example, some people believe that a runny nose constitutes a trip to the Emergency Room. I am not saying they are wrong, I am just saying that to some, a runny nose would not be considered an emergency.

Why all the emergency questions? You see, I can send a Red Cross message to the husband in the event of an emergency. If warranted, according to who knows who, he could be sent home in an emergency.

This week I have had two different emergencies. The first was that the lightbulb blew in the hallway upstairs. DQ has to have the light. None of the electrical outlets in her room work and I refuse to call maintenance to fix them until she cleans her mess. I was left to change the lightbulb myself. I am a little short. I drag a chair upstairs, climb up and start turning the fixture thing. I turn and turn and turn. It doesn't come off. What the hell? I then just pull. Praying that I am not showered in slivers of glass. It eventually comes off. I put in the new lightbulb and can't get the thing back on there. I push and push and push. It wont work. All of this while standing on my tippy toes on a chair with my arms stretched as far above my head as I can reach. After about 20 minutes, I got the stupid thing on there. I am now unable to walk normally or hold my head in a normal position. Pretty sure I should have just sent a Red Cross message that my husband needed to come home and replace the lightbulb so that DQ could get some stinking sleep!

The second emergency occurred last night. You see, after Christmas we rearranged the living room. This required relocating the surround sound speakers and such. Last night, the girls and I settled in to watch a movie. The sound was messed up. We could hear the music fine, but the words were all muffled. I tried to figure out the problem for 30 minutes. I was disconnecting and reconnecting various speaker wires. Nothing was solving the problem. When I decided 20 minutes in that I gave up and there would be no movie watching, DQ said she could deal with the muffled voices. I could not. I continued working at this for 10 more minutes. I finally gave up. I gave each little speaker wire clamp thing a good push, and ta-da! We had voices. Again, I am pretty sure that the husband's presence would have resolved this emergency much more quickly. I'm just sayin'.

I suppose I could just look at it as look what I was able to do all by myself. Even if it took forever. Even if I was crippled for a few days. Even if I am sleep deprived. Even if I miss the husband more than anyone could ever know. Even if...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out Of It Much?

I may have mentioned that the husband ran off with the Army, leaving me here to take care of bidness alone. I may also have mentioned that I have had a bit of a rough time...

The toddler is not taking her naps, thus I am not getting a nap. Which is the cherry on top of my insomnia sundae. I blame my lack of sleep for the thing I found today. Before I get to that, I must share this:

I put the toddler in her bed for naptime yesterday. She has decided her bed is not for napping. She will drag her pillow and both blankets into the hallway and sleep at the top of the stairs OR

She sneaks into my bed and sleeps. When I attempt to join her in naptime bliss, naptime is over.

This morning I realized that I have NO clean clothes. None. Nada. Must. Do. Laundry. I throw the overgrown pile of dirty clothes from my bathroom down the stairs and head to the laundry room. I know that there is a load left in there from yesterday. I know. Don't judge. I open the dryer to transfer the load and realize that there is a load in there as well. Hmmmm. It looks strange. I touch something in there and it seems...crusty. Ahhh. I put the clothes in there and didn't turn it on. They air dried. How's that for going green?
I also got a text (loving that) from the husband this morning. He is in the field. In Kuwait. How does it get more in the field than being in Kuwait? Whatever. He is not pleased. There are no showers and they are sleeping on the floor. Kind of like camping. Rustic camping. With a million men. Ewww. Can you imagine the stench cloud floating above that campsite? I am leaving you with that picture.

The toddler is turning around to the Imagination Movers. She is so cute. Hopefully she will wear her little toddler butt out and take a nap. Mommy needs R-E-L-I-E-F!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Never Trust A Toddler

The toddler has so many cute things she does...coloring herself with markers, pointing out family members in pictures, begging to "jump, jump", screaming for her sister as soon as she walks in the door from school.

She also loves to smell things. Like the citronella candles on the patio table. She will bring them to me to smell as well. Yesterday, she came to me while I was playing stalker on the computer and wanted me to smell her finger. Like any dumb obliging parent, I smelled her finger.

Later on, I had the pleasure of watching what it was I was smelling. She was taking her little hand and shoving it down the butt of her diaper. She then sniffed her little finger, said yucky and brought the finger for me to sniff. Oh. My. Goodness. Lesson learned.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pulling It Together

I have finally managed to pretty much drag myself out of my slump. It's been a really hard week for me. I can't even begin to tell you how bad because surely the white coats would be called to lock me in a padded room. Either way, I am better today...except for the stomach bug I must have contracted. Yuck. Even that is better today than yesterday.

I haven't been up to much of anything. I cleaned DQ's room one day this past week. I didn't bother with pictures because I would be embarrassed for anyone to see a room looking like that in my house. Telling you what it looked like isn't nearly as bad. The room was so bad that had there been a fire, I wouldn't have risked my life to go in there and get her...I'd be afraid I would break a leg and not be able to drag myself out. Now, that doesn't mean I would let her burn...sheesh people. I would stand near the door and scream for her. In cleaning her room, I found all of the household towels. I knew they had to be in there. Over the last couple of weeks I kept telling her to get and get ALL of my towels out of her room because I was fairly certain we owned more than the two I kept washing. She would come down with one or two and swear that was it. Right. She has now been informed that if I ever find my towels laying in her bedroom floor, she will air dry. To which she replied, that will take a long time. Was I supposed to care?

I really want to thank my family and friends that have been there for me over this last week. I know I was a complete bummer. I hope that I will be better now. Some of you know exactly what I went through, others can't imagine, but it was extremely difficult for me. Thank you so much.

Monday, February 9, 2009

100 Posts and Goodbyes

How's this for a 100th post?

I was out the last few days. Some of you may have been able to figure out why. For those of you that weren't....

This was the reason for my absence. I spent every minute that I could with the husband because he left yesterday. For a year. Watching him walk away from us was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. For the record, this shit SUCKS. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it doesn't. I will get through it just like every other spouse that has gone through it, but it doesn't make it suck any less. The other situation has supposedly been resolved. Only time will tell.

So this morning as I sit here typing this, the toddler is up my ass...where she's been since yesterday. I have managed to make coffee, but it could walk on it's own. See, I didn't get much sleep and the toddler was up before 6am and wandered downstairs alone. In the dark. I got up and after once putting the filter (minus coffee) into the machine and realizing my mistake, I put too many scoops in it. Great start to a great year, eh?

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'll be out

I will be out for a while. Don't know when I will be back. Take care bloggyworld.