Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurry Up and Click Away!!!

Ok, I am super late on this game...this means you have to hurry! Go hop around THIS blog and help to earn money for the Flight 93 Memorial Fund. PLUS you can comment to win some really great prizes...ONE DAY ONLY!

Well.....what are you waiting for? Get to clickin'!!!!! You only have until 11:59 tonight....run along already!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Under the Sea...

The decision was made and it was time to load up. Notice that DQ refuses to sit next to the toddler. Why is that? The toddler is the Devil's Spawn! She kicks her little leg over the side of the car seat and puts it on DQ, who then whines, so the toddler then kicks her. We tell her no, we smack her little leg...she does it anyway. Now, no one wants to sit next to her!

We were headed down the highway to San Antonio.

We were going to one of my happy places!! We went to SeaWorld. I could easily live there. We started off with the Budweiser Clydesdales. One was sleeping while he stood there. We, apparently, are not very entertaining.

Next was Dolphin Cove where you can watch the dolphins swim and if you are lucky watch them feed. We? Were not lucky!

Next stop was the Coral Reef and Shark exhibit.

We then headed over to the show Viva! WOW!!! It was amazing. Beyond amazing. It featured high divers, aerialists, and synchronized swimmers. PLUS dolphins and beluga whales. If you look at the picture of the beluga whale and the trainer floating on their back, to the right of the whale is a mini (baby) whale too. Too cute!

We then headed to get snacks and to see Believe (SHAMU). My advice to anyone going to SeaWorld is to eat and take advantage of the few things they will allow you to bring in because the food/drinks are outrageous! After MANY shots like this where I just missed some awesome trick:

I got a few decent shots like this:

After we finished all of the exhibits, we headed to the hotel to check in and hit the Riverwalk for food. We ate yummy barbecue outside on the Riverwalk. Beautiful! We then took a River cruise. It was interesting. So much history in San Antonio!

Yes, this is what the world looked like to me at this point. Kidding, though some of the people on the boat were seeing the world with blurry vision I am sure. Which reminds me, if you were the girl that was so intoxicated that you fell UP the stairs right in front of my entire family, you should really be ashamed! No, it wasn't me I swear! This was taken using my "night scene" on my new camera...apparently that means nightclub scene? I will figure this camera out completely eventually!

After that back to the hotel for some sleep and to hear that our beloved doggie did not behave himself! He apparently barked alot while we were gone. That ended my hopes of the Botanical Gardens for Sunday morning. Stinking dog! We drove around the downtown area so I could take pictures, pictures of crazy things! After that, it was time to head home. I am exhausted! In my down time I have become addicted to a video game. Its called Lost in Blue 3. I can not put this game down! I was up until midnight last night playing it. DQ woke everyone in the room up at 6am because she heard a "wreck" outside. Silly girl it was someone banging around the hallway of the hotel. I could have thrown her out there with them!

Just in, I made a slide show with (almost) all of the pictures. Enjoy!!!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

School Programs, Annoyances, and Migraines

Yesterday there was a program at the school that DQ attends. I had no choice but to attend. Even though I had a killer headache and said program sent me over the edge. Why would I have no choice? Let me explain. I tell you I call this child DQ for a reason!

Example One: On September 11 there was a Freedom Walk at DQ's school where she (her class) was singing. This was a must see event and all the child talked about for days and days. It took me putting two and two together that this was not a "program" as she kept calling it, but a part of the Freedom Walk. Anywho, the day before this event I twisted my (already bad) knee coming down the stupid stairs. I was having trouble walking at home, let alone walking laps around this child's school. I tried to explain to her that I did not know if I could make it, but she insisted I must. I told her how bad my knee hurt and her response was "I'll be the only kid there without a parent" through big ol' alligator tears no less. UGH. She really knows how to push my buttons. I went. I watched. I walked. P.S. I was, in fact, the only parent from her entire class to show up. Thank you very much!

Example Two: Wednesday, folders were sent home and there was a paper that needed to be filled out, something to do with federal funding (Read Very Important). There was also a form and an envelope to donate to the United Way. DQ went on and on about how her teacher said everyone should put $5 in the envelope and bring it back to school...Fast forward to Thursday morning as DQ is getting her things together so that we can walk out the door to school. I hand her the folder and explain that she is going to have to take the donation thing another day because I had no cash on me. She starts throwing a mini tantrum, crying, she's the only one and her teacher said...FINE!!!!! I will take out my purse, dig out all of my change and you can miss breakfast. Not a problem you pain in my a..butt. She looks at me and says, not that one the pink paper. OH YOU MEAN THE PAPER THAT I ALREADY FILLED OUT AND IS IN YOUR FOLDER THAT I JUST HANDED TO YOU TO PUT INTO YOUR BACKPACK???????????

Now, you have an idea of what I deal with. Keep in mind that this doesn't include the tantrums of the toddler (I have a funny story about her) or the husband. So, headache and all I load up both girls and we head to the school (45 minutes after we got home from picking her up from school). DQ goes with her classmates and the toddler and I go into the cafeteria where this production is to take place. Parents are all sitting there in the mini chairs that my butt is too large for, younger siblings are running around, climbing in and out of chairs, pushing them around the room (ok, maybe that was just the toddler). The principal comes in and starts talking about the kids working so hard. THEN she starts talking about Title I funding and the school plans and assessments and....WHAT IN THE WORLD??????? Next comes the PTA meeting (which lucky for them was short). We, the parents of 2nd graders, were TRICKED into attending a meeting about Title I funding!!!!!! The last thing on the agenda was our children singing (which was awesome)! I am annoyed. I have the toddler that I am trying to keep still throughout this ordeal....a 100 slide slideshow...damn good thing she only showed the first 15.

So, now I must tell you about the toddler. She is 18 months old. She does not speak. She says a few words. MAMA! Is her fave! I would have to sit down and think to figure out how many words she actually says. The problem is this, she UNDERSTANDS many, many words. She just does not speak them. Yesterday, while I sat here typing forever and ever (situational stuff), she started whining. She wanted in my lap. I said no. She starts crying. She starts THROWING things. Like anything she could get her grubby little paws on, she threw. When she could no longer reach things from the floor, she climbed onto the couch and began throwing the papers I had sitting next to me. AHHHHHH So I nicely tell her to pick up the mess. She looks at me and throws something else. Now I am pissed. I pick her up, put her on the floor and tell her PICK IT UP. She does. When she is finished, I tell her to come here and I get really close to her face and say, "We do not throw things. Do you understand me?". She nods emphatically. Right. Dinner time I used the same trick and where did her plate and food end up? On the floor!

I had a migraine. By 7pm I couldn't stand it anymore so I went upstairs to chill for a bit. I woke up to tell the girls good night at 8pm (from the comfort of my bed) and I woke up again at 5am. Think I needed some rest?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What would you do?

I am editing this post because I was unclear. Forgive me, I had a migraine and went to bed shortly after I wrote this (originally).

Ok, here's the situation. Your husband is about to leave for a month. You will be single parent of two kids with no sign of relief. Do you take the last weekend you have with him here:

1) As a family, going to SeaWorld in San Antonio
2)Take "you" time - not go to SA, stay home and choose a day to go somewhere ALONE
3) there is no option 3 - The Army wife life sucks and you are 1,000 miles from family

So blogiverse, what would you do?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Think I can

Now that things have settled a bit, I think I can blog without letting my anger and hatred take it over. To think, this isn't even in regards to the Army or the move! Never thought anything could piss me off more, eh? So, keep praying for us to find the strength and the restraint needed in our situation. Restraint, why restraint? Murder is not legal in the U.S. No matter how I tried to spin it, I just couldn't come up with a plausible way to murder someone and get away with it. Ok, done with that.

This weekend the husband had a very long weekend. It came at the best time ever. We were able to get some things accomplished with the situation AND relax some. We considered going to San Antonio...SeaWorld has been calling my name since we moved to the Great Place. For those Military that read this, did you know you can get in to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, or Sesame Street free? After our trip to the beach, we decided it best not to jump in the car on the spur of the moment and drive around for hours looking for a hotel. So, we did the thing I have been waiting to do. Took the girls to the zoo. I love the zoo and the toddler loves animals so there ya go.

This is the toddler LOVING the aquarium.

Here are a couple of shots of the fishies...

And here is the family enjoying who knows what animal...minus the fabulous photographer of course. That'd be me!

And here are a couple to show off my photographic skillz yo....

And one for my super awesomest MIL because she rocks and she knows why I picked this one...

And last, but certainly not least, YOU, my blogiverse. I thought of you while I was spending time with the family and took this picture just for YOU.

Is that Bambi? Nope. It's a DikDik. I will leave the rest of the interpretation to the blogiverse. I just have to say that Africa has animals named DikDik...DikDik, DikDik, DikDik...OK I am done with the DikDik. Seriously.
That was my day spent relaxing at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX. I tried to get the husband to let me try to find the place that Waco is famous for, but noooooo he thought that was a disturbing thought. Don't know what I am talking about? Sorry, I can't tell you because it might make me out to be disturbing and we can't have that, now can we? My next trip to Waco will include a visit to the DR.PEPPER MUSEUM. That's right, can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I know, I know

It has been a bit since I blogged last. I know, I am terrible. We had some scares and stuff though...does that make it better? Living in Texas, 200 miles from the coast, when I heard there was a hurricane coming to Texas I didn't really give it much thought. I mean there was the thought of "Geez, these poor people", but nothing more than that. Until, of course, someone who OBVIOUSLY doesn't realize how neurotic I am and mentioned that it might get pretty rough here. I made my way to Walmart and bought candles, batteries, canned food, bread, milk and water. I the obsessively watched the news for weather reports. On Saturday, when the storm was set to hit us, I continued my obsessive watch of weather reports. We got absolutely nothing out of this hurricane. I take that back, we had a little bit of wind and sprinkles off and on. That was it. Oh, I must tell the funniest part of it all. On Thursday, I was on the phone with my mother in law and we were discussing what we needed to have just in case. I happened to be outside during this conversation and I noticed how badly my lawn needed to be mowed. I mentioned that maybe I would get up Friday morning and do so...she found that highly amusing. My thought was that if the grass was already needing it, after the storm it would be soaked and the best time to cut it would be before the storm hit. She thinks I am seriously going nuts!

On another front, we are having some personal issues. Very personal. I am not going to share them right now, but I am going to ask that everyone pray for us. We are going through a terribly sad and frightening time and could use the support.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Always Remember

As many Americans probably are, I am taking time to remember those that we lost 7 years ago. I can clearly remember where I was, the thoughts I had, the fears I had, and the extreme pride I felt in America the days following those attacks. I worked on a Navy base then. I remember one of the ladies husband calling and telling her a plane had crashed. I remember looking it up on the internet and seeing the burning building of the WTC. I remember watching live coverage as the second plane hit. I remember realizing at that point that this was no accident. I remember the panic I felt being unsure if any of my family members worked there because I do have family near there. I remember the panic when I thought of my father who had just retired. I called my father that day in tears, needing to hear his reassurance. I remember the base being locked down. I remember the MPs patroling on foot. I remember it all so well. I remember being glued to the television for days.

This morning I went to DQ's school for the freedom walk. I find it extremely difficult to think about what happened then and what we are still dealing with now. I was moved to tears when the guest speaker spoke of his deployment and the first and last thing he did every day was look at a picture of his son. This man was wounded in combat. He knows the price we pay to be free first hand, yet as he spoke of his child, he became choked up. I hope that everyone takes time out of their day to have that moment of silence, to remember in their own way September 11, 2001. I will never forget. God Bless the USA!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Broken....Who's Gonna Fix It?

As usual, my morning was a mess. Let me back up, I didn't go to sleep until somewhere around 1am because I was laying in bed watching Intervention and then Intervention After Treatment (is that the name of it?). Anywho, when the alarm went off I couldn't figure out what that noise was! I hit snooze turned it off. Luckily DQ got up when she heard it so all was good. I never went back to sleep, just lay there thinking why on earth does school have to start so freaking early???? So, everyone gets up, everyone gets ready to go to the school. The toddler doesn't want to take her behind outside so I am standing there running interference so Nilla doesn't get out...not fun. Finally get the kids out to the van and remember I left something in the house. I ask DQ to put the toddler in her carseat and go in to get it. Nilla runs out into the backyard (thankfully). Great. If I leave him out there, he barks at every moving thing. I don't want the neighbors that I can't stand don't know well to hate me. Did I mention that because I couldn't get my butt in gear this morning, I had not had a cup of coffee yet?

So, I get Nilla in the house. Come back to get into the van and the back door is still open and guess what? The toddler is roaming around like she owns the place! What the h...GRRRR. I slam my door shut and go around to put the toddler in her seat and glare at DQ. I screamed explained that I asked her to put her sister in her seat. She, of course, didn't hear me. Ok, toddler in seat, back door shut, go around to get in and what the h...my door wont open! DQ, please look and see what's holding my door shut. The rubber. Huh? Great! Around to the passenger side I go. Crawl over and try to figure out what I have done. All the while, I am cursing myself out (in my mind) for slamming the stinking door. OK, got it. Door's open, head to school. I have no air conditioning in the van. In. Texas. I roll down the windows to smoke enjoy the breeze. I get back home and roll up the windows...except the driver side window won't go up. Odd. So what do I do? I roll it down FURTHER and then try to roll it up. Still nothing. Do I even want to tell you what I do next? Yes. I roll it down even FURTHER. Now, the window is almost completely down and still not coming back up. Nice.

I am not mechanically inclined. I have no clue about cars. I am screwed. Why? The husband is out playing Army. He is gone, not sure when he is coming home. I can not be stuck without a vehicle for who knows how long. I did what any sensible woman would do. I sent a text message to the husband saying I needed help. He asked with what. I gave him the short version and his response? "Nothing I can do babe." Okay, I understood that he couldn't come back from playing Army to fix the door. What I was looking for was some instruction. Didn't get that. Fine. I will figure this out. First things first...must go have coffee.

I go inside, have a cup of coffee. Yes, only one. I go back out and try to figure this thing out. I pull, I tug, I cuss. Nada. Hmmm. I pull again and hear a pop. Uh oh. I pull again and it gives a little. Making progress. The pop was the plastic thingy holding the door panel on, just in case you didn't know. I pull and pull and it won't come off completely. I finally figure out there are BOLTS holding it on. Imagine that. So, I go in search of tools. Find the toolbox and guess what? It has a freaking lock on it!!!!!!!!!!! I text the husband asking where the key is...and wait...and wait...and go find it my damn self. I find the key, I dig through the tool box, find what I need and head back to the van. You would think that they bolts would be the same size, but not so much. I search for the correct socket (yes I know what it is called, go me). I search...and search....and search. Now I am sweating to death, I can't find the tool, and the toddler is "helping" me and all in my way! Grrrrr

I finally found the socket to fit the second bolt, the HUGE driver for it, and the even bigger extension thingy so it would fit into that tiny space. VICTORY! I got the door panel off. I look inside my door and think what in the hell????? Now what do I do? I know, I will try the window again. I put the key in, turn the ignition and then push the button. SCORE!!! It works. So I reassemble my door, checking every little couple seconds to make sure the window thing wasn't a fluke, and all is well. Except that I did manage to break one of those little plastic thingys, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Right? I was almost jumping for joy. He is proud of me I suppose. He did say that now I know I can fix things while he is gone. Helpful little bugger isn't he?

I must admit I am extremely proud. I know in the grand scheme of things, it is small, but boy does it feel good! I did all of that with one cup of coffee. One cup people! C'mon it doesn't get any better than that!

Friday, September 5, 2008

O, Boy...That Train Really Is Coming

Last night was as eventful as any other night in my house. We ate, I played on the internet, the kids went to bed, and I played on the internet. The difference is this: I realized thanks to awesome Amber (I wonder if I could get away with calling her AA?) that pretending that the train isn't coming is not going to stop it from getting here. The train can not be heard or seen just yet, only felt. I can feel the vibrations as I sit her now. Hopefully you have figured out the train isn't really a train at all. The train, my friends, is what any wife, mother, father, sister, child of a military person dreads these days. The husband is preparing for a deployment. I, my friends, am standing laying on the tracks, feeling the vibrations of the oncoming train, but pretending it is not coming. Guess what? It. Is. Coming. I suppose I should stop laying there pretending I don't feel it, but after last night I think I would rather pretend.

I attempted to go to bed at 11:30 last night. I actually went to sleep at around 2 this morning. So, I am functioning on 4 and a half hours of sleep. Sweet. I had a very interesting discussion last night with AA about voting and all that jazz. She was shocked disgusted to find out that I have never voted. Let me repeat that. I. Have. Never. Voted. I understand the reasons that I should vote. What I don't understand is who I am supposed to vote for. I have had a very, very hard time with this. I do not usually tell people that I don't vote because I become the village idiot. My problem voting is that I am not a follower. I don't want to vote for someone just because everyone else is. I want to know where they stand on the issues that I find important. I have been unsuccessful finding unbiased information. Of course, then there is the neurotic part of me that wants to vote for the person that has the same stance on every issue as myself. Unfortunately, escaped mental patients do not usually make it all the way to the race for the White House. I did look into some things and found something disturbing apparently written by Joe Blow against Palin, I thought to myself 'self, I should share this with AA' and this is how that went down.

Me: Did you know Palin cut the education budget for special needs kids in Alaska?
AA: Really? You do know that she has a special needs child?

Seriously? Honestly, the only thing I know about this Palin chick are little tidbits of information that I have seen in headlines on Foxnews.com, but I never read the story. I admit that I am ignorant about elections. I want someone to tell me (or give me links) what these people want to do with our country and not lie about it. Not slant it in one favor or the other. Is that even possible? All I know for absolute certain is this country needs a huge change. Huge.

On to my morning. I really, really hate yelling at DQ in the morning before school. It makes me feel crappy. I fear she will have a horrible day at school and it will be all my fault. BUT that child can not get it together. She wants to know how hot it is going to be. It's September. In Texas. It is going to be HOT. The reason she wants a weather forecast is she is too lazy to look for her shorts, she thought it would be easier to just wear her pants. Whatever. You will melt into a puddle, but if you want to be lazy like that, be my guest. Of course, she can't find anything. It takes her too long to get ready, she's whiny, I have had 4 1/2 hours of sleep that was interrupted, mind you, by DQ asking if she can watch tv at 5am. Geez. It's going to be one of those days, eh?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Things I Do to Myself

I have to be a bit vague in this post because I don't want to give away too much...let me explain before everyone is left scratching their head. My most awesomest mother in law's birthday passed during my move to The Great Place. I promised her a gift that I was going to make. Its only been what, 6 weeks? I thought it was high time I got on that. So I am making something with my handy dandy sewing machine. The only problem with this is I am a complete dunce. I have never sewn anything following a pattern. I am only half following the pattern I bought because I am making something unique. I really need my expert on everything to help me, but I can't ask said expert. The expert is the recipient. I have watched tutorials. I bought what claimed to be an easy pattern. I just do not have the brain cells. I am learning as I go. For example, "cut two on the fold view" MUST mean fold fabric, cut two making a total of 4 pieces. Otherwise there is something seriously wrong with my skills because this thing is not working out at all. So, dearest mother, I am working on your super late gift, better late than never right?

The husband is gone. This may have something to do with my need to try new things. Like not feeding the kids. That is my favorite part. I am not cooking. They need a diet anyway, right? Ok, maybe not so much. They ate wonderful gourmet pepperoni pizza ravioli last night. Mmm Mmmm Good! Tonight is looking like pancakes because I am entirely too lazy busy to go to the store and buy food.

The cat has taken up residence in DQ's room since we brought home Nilla. I finally decided we should take the food/water/litterbox upstairs because the cat was going to starve to death. Why can't they just get along? I know some of you are patiently awaiting pictures of Nilla, so without further ado:

He is shy! Note the orbs.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Tidbits

This household had an eventful weekend. By eventful, I mean I didn't remain in jammies all day every day. We were invited to a BBQ Friday night. We went and although there was the usual drama that surrounds people who drink in groups and people that are connected to the military, it was a good time. We also are now the proud owners of a Cocker Spaniel. We picked him up on Friday just before the BBQ. He is a hyper puppy who thinks he is smaller than he really is. We have named him Nilla. As in, Nilla Wafer. Yes, we are cool like that. Friday was very eventful, indeed.

Saturday was the housecleaning day. The husband was actually off for the weekend and there were a few things that I had on his to-do list. I don't think he was overly excited about the list since half of the things remain undone, but he did manage to move a couple of boxes around and pick up the living room. It was sweet to see him clean it up and then the toddler comes in and the tornado is back. He commented on how his cleaning job was useless. Welcome to the world of toddler hell. This is why I choose NOT to clean unless company is coming and it then takes me days to get it in order. Kidding. Really. I am just glad he was able to feel my pain. I know that on some days when he comes in at 7pm after being gone since 5am, he must think she just sits there blogging and reading blogs all day! Not so much.

Sunday, oh Sunday. We had one of the guys the husband works with over. I thought it was hilarious when I suggested the husband invite some people over to give me the chance to meet some wives and he said there is only one guy he would consider inviting over. He has kids, but no wife. Great. Turns out the guy came over, kids and girlfriend in tow. Sweet. We had good food and relaxed without the drama of Friday night. The kids played together well. His boys were so adorable and I do believe the youngest and I are destined to be bestest buds!

That brings me to Monday. The holiday. The end of the long weekend. It is still early so we haven't done much. I am currently consuming the first cup of coffee so I am not fully functional yet. The husband has to prepare his Army gear because he heads out for a short Army style vacation this week. I want to do something with the girls, but staying in jammies all day also sounds good. We shall see.

For some reason, not many people have found their way to my blog to experience my endless griping and awesome jammies, but for those that have wandered over I wanted to point you to a blog that has a little fun "tour" going on. She needs several more states to "visit" so check out the blog and put your state in the running. Check the blog out here.