Thursday, July 31, 2008

The good side of unpacking

We moved in a couple of weeks ago and of course I unpacked my kitchen items. Today I am sitting here browsing the internet when the hubby comes home for lunch. I here open, shut, open, shut...what on earth? He was looking for my glass mixing bowls so that he could have a bowl of cereal...yes he actually eats a bowl of cereal THAT large. For some strange reason, when I unpacked nothing, and I mean nothing, is where it was in the old place! I love it! He searched for like 5 minutes! I think I did it subconsciously just to make him mad.

I was cleaning the kitchen earlier and I was using the garbage disposal because...well because I haven't had one in years and I get a kick out of grinding up food. Anywho, it made this horrid grinding noise and I quickly turned it off. I am afraid to turn it back on. Do you think there is a limit on how many service calls maintenance will make to one address? I mean they have only been out here maybe 5 times since we moved in. Is there a worse tenants award that maybe we will be receiving? Ugh.

By the way, this is how my evening with hubby went last night:
I am sitting on the couch, laptop in lap, browsing the internet when he walks in the door. he comes in, walks to the entertainment center and starts emptying his pockets (daily ritual).

Him: Hey babe.
Me: Hey.
Him: What's wrong? You sound pissed.
Me: Nothing. I'm not pissed (more like I was distracted haha).
Him: Well, you're gonna be.

Ok. Now I have only been an Army wife for a short time, but that sentence is the equivalent to "We need to talk" for men. So, now you're wondering...what did he have to tell me and am I pissed, right? He is leaving for a few weeks...the Army is doing the Army thing...I am not pissed. A little sad, but not pissed. Shew, it was actually a bit of a relief to know that's all it was. I mean, come on, with all of the deployments and other things going on in the world...that's nothing!

One last random thought (this whole post has been rather random, no?). I have some mental issues. Honest, I do. Not because my doc says so, but because my family does. No, no, no. My family aren't horribly mean people. Think of it like this, if your family won't be totally honest and tell you how screwed up you are, what are you going to do when you get to the real world and a stranger does so? Ahhh, anywho...I am working on my mental issues and today was a struggle. It's like this, I think the worst of people, not all people, but most. I think the worst of many situations, too. Wow, in fact I am pretty pessimistic and paranoid! Yeah, so I get a piece of info today and my mind takes it in, turns it upside down, adds a scary monster or two, and I am left upset. This is not new to me, in fact, it is getting really old. Did my description not make sense? Try living with it going on in your head 24/7! Now, do you agree with the family that I have mental issues? Pray for me or whatever it is you do.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time for a little R & R

We spent our first weekend after moving into our new house driving to the beach. It has been...well actually we have never lived so close to a beach. We decided at the last minute to go for it. We also intelligently thought it through and decided we didn't need reservations, we would surely be able to find someplace to stay once we were there. Never, ever again will I make a trip without reservations. Never. We drove for 4 hours to this place I had seen online...well we thought that was where we were driving. I didn't bother to write the address down, so we were going to just wing it. I could not find this place! It did not exist. After about half an hour driving around in circles, hubby sent me in to a gas station to figure out where it was. The employees only knew of one of these places and it was 45 minutes away. At 11pm, the last thing I wanted to do was tell hubby we had to drive another 45 minutes in the direction we had just come from. So I asked for directions to an area with hotels and off we headed. Did you know that on a weekend, near NASA in Houston, there are NO rooms? We stopped at every hotel along that strip and came up with NOTHING. I really thought I was going to be killed, but he stayed calm. The kids were asleep so they weren't bothered by our late night search. I was able to get internet service on my handy dandy that is... and found a place 12 miles away from NASA that had a room. Not the best place, but it was a place to sleep.

We got up the next morning and drove to the beach in Galveston. Maybe 40 minutes or so. It was well worth the night before to see the look of pure joy on all the kids' faces. Including the big kid AKA hubby. We had a really fun day playing in the sand and water. We of course didn't think about the fact that we would then be driving back home sandy and salt watery. UGH. It was still so worth it!

Are you starting to wonder if maybe our trip planning or just our planning itself needs a little fine tuning? I really hadn't thought of it until writing all of this down....we really need to work on that!

Across the country we go

We were to leave for Texas on Sunday so you know that something bad had to happen. I mean really, what would be the reason to have an uneventful trip? The evening before we left a tanker collided with several cars and spilled some sort of chemical all over the interstate. We were supposed to get some rain that night and the day after so this chemical would have to be one that when exposed to water turns to hydrocloric acid. Nice, right? Of course it rained so the evacuated the area and the interstate remained closed, both directions until long after we were gone. We had to take the "scenic" route. It only took us about an hour and a half longer than the direct route though, so no harm. We picked up the kiddo from her dad and headed on our merry way. Halfway to Memphis I realize that it is SUNDAY. This means if we don't stop my 9pm I will not be watching my show, Army Wives, of course! My bright idea was we will pick up the kiddo and stop in Jonesboro, AR. Having lived in Memphis for several years and driven through Arkansas numerous times, I knew that Jonesboro was the next biggest city after West Memphis. In my infinite wisdom, I did not manage to account for the fact that Jonesboro is in a different direction than we were heading. Meaning Jonesboro is north and we were headed west. So we managed to stop at about 8:30 outside of Little Rock...I think that's where we were. The point is, we stopped in time for me to see it. YAY!

The rest of our trip was uneventful except for a bit of rain. We made it into town and got a hotel for the night. The next morning we met with housing, walked through our house, and unpacked the poor work horse of a van. This is when I realized that though I had thought to bring sheets for the air mattresses that we so smartly brought with us, I had not actually brought the sheets. A $250 shopping trip later we had sheets and many, many other things for our new house. Our belongings were delivered the following day and I spent the rest of the week unpacking. Who am I kidding, here it is almost two weeks later and I am still unpacking. In this I have realized we have way to much stuff. I fully intend to go through it all and get rid of it. I am sure there is someone else who would actually use the stuff. So, our turned upside-down life is now being sorted out, box by stinking box.

Report place to call home

If you read the medical issue blog, then you know I had surgery and my wonderful hubby left the following day to report to his first duty station. For whatever reason, his orders stated he had to report on Saturday so he had to leave by Friday. I told him I found it hard to believe that he would be able to get anything done on a weekend, but you know how that goes...I am just the wife, not the Army. He reported on Saturday and what happened? He had to hang out till Monday because that is when they do inprocessing. Imagine that. Anywho, he hung out, did his inprocessing and got his sexy uniforms. Everything went really smoothly (which scared me) and then it happened. They assigned him to a unit and when he got there, they didnt need him. So here I am, recovering from surgery, a million miles away, finally getting used to the idea of Texas as a new home and we are left in limbo. Did I mention several thousand hours of research on Fort Hood? After several days of who knows...he got assigned. He is now a proud member of 2-5 Cav. Don't know what that means? Me either! I just know that is what we have to write everytime a piece of paper asks for his unit. Oh, and we got to stay at Fort Hood.

Hubby came to Texas solo because 1) I was recovering from surgery 2) he needed to secure housing and 3) if I was with him we would have to pay for a hotel...solo he could stay in the barracks. Not so much. We learned quickly that he had to pay for a hotel because he is married...even though he was solo. I am at home, bored, recovering, and missing him like crazy. He is in a hotel, getting inprocessed, and being bored when he wasnt at work. We had some issues trying to get things accomplished and...oh who am I kidding. I have a serious mental disorder that causes my brain to make me think insane thoughts. I somehow managed to convince myself that he was going to be deployed right away and that I really needed to be with him every minute that I could. Plus, being the control freak that I am, I just knew that I could get things accomplished that he wasnt able to. I found a plane ticket and the youngest and I took off...literally. I had never flown before and was having some serious anxiety about doing so, but all was well. A little confusion at the Dallas airport, but we made it to our destination on time! The confusion was on my part, not the airline's FYI. I spent a wonderful week in a hotel with a toddler and no transportation. Hubby needed to get to work, ya know. I got virtually nothing accomplished...he did it all by himself like a big boy (that is not meant to be degrading to him, more of a reminder to myself that he is indeed very capable). I still got to spend time with him after work, and I did more research. One can never be too prepared. We got assigned a house and told an approximate date to move in. Hubby set up transportation to come and pack/pick up all of our things. I told him the best date for me, but I didnt bother to put much consideration into it. I flew home on Tuesday and the packers came on Thursday. I had literally one day to get my crap together. Hubby was able to come back with me though so that was great! Not to mention much easier to fly with a toddler (and deal with a 3 hour layover) with an extra pair of hands!

We intended to stay for several days in TN to spend time with his children who were not moving with us and the rest of the family. Amazing how quickly things can change! In the midst of packers packing us up, housing called and wanted us there on Friday to sign for the house! in the next day. Totally impossible, but they could only push it back a few days so we had to be back in TX by Tuesday morning. We squeezed in some time with the family and even managed a trip to Dollywood with the kids and most of the family! It was an exhausting week, I will tell you that! We had a blast and left for our new home.

What's life without a little medical problem?

During my pregnancy with my youngest (2006-2007) I made several trips to the ER thinking I was in labor because my tummy hurt sooooo bad! I have (thankfully) never experienced labor because I had c-sections with both of my birth children so I really didnt know what labor felt like. They would hook me up to the monitors, determine baby was ok and I was not having contractions, and send me on my merry way. Fast forward close to a year after birth...

I was having pains and this time I was not pregnant so contractions it couldn't be. The first couple of times, I kind of suffered through...oh who am I kidding, I had leftover nausea medication and it worked sort of. Luckily the first few times didnt last long, although I sincerely thought/knew I was going to DIE! I had these little episodes I would say once a month or so and they would last several hours. Always waking me up in the middle of the night. I kept putting off going to the doc because I hate to go to the doc. One night in the beginning of June I had an episode that lasted for somewhere around 9 hours. I finally relented and let hubby take me to the ER. They gave me pain medication, did some blood work, said the results were normal and I should contact a general surgeon to have my gallbladder removed. What? How was that determined you ask? So did the surgeon! Anywho...I got my ultrasound where the tech scared the crap out of me. I understand the rule that they are not allowed to tell you the results, but this one really took the cake. I asked if she saw any gallstones, she looked at me and said "I found your problem". Holy cow, woman! I stressed for DAYS waiting for the surgeons office to get the report. I just knew I was going to die...I just knew I had cancer. So the report comes back and I have.....tada! Gallstones! Geez! So surgery was scheduled. I ended up getting in earlier after nightly (no exaggeration) trips to the ER. I was in so much pain I truly just wanted to be put down like an old horse or something.

Keep in mind that this medical issue was going on at the same time as my husband was turning our lives upside down. After surgery, my doc talked to hubby and told him I needed to follow up with a scope down my throat to remove what he thought was a small stone. Hubby left the next day to report to Fort Hood and so my wonderful mother-in-law was left to take care of me and the kids. I ended up getting really ill over that weekend and seriously contemplated going to the ER again where I am just about on VIP status and know the nurses by name. I stuck it out though and went for my scope on Monday. By the time I got to the hospital for it, I was yellow (jaundiced), I was itchy all over (mother-in-law thought it was nerves and stress), and I had a slight fever. Oh, I forgot to mention that the doc who removed this horrible little organ of mine, informed me, after 8 hours of waiting for a return call, that I shouldnt be ill anymore and that maybe, just maybe it wasnt my gallbladder after all. Nice. Anywho, different doc does the scope and my bile duct was almost completely closed off and was full of sludge. Beautiful mental picture, I know, just be glad I dont have the scanner up and running to attach the actual pic! I was very, very sick and it could have become very, very serious. I survived, I recovered well and I am FINALLY able to eat again. There goes all that weight loss!

Back in the Army

It has been so long that I had to actually go back and read my last blog to figure out where I left off....

Once he was conditionally released from the Guard, things started rolling. He was able to enlist (with a little paperwork snag) and he calls me from the MEPS station where he was to find out/choose or duty station. Now keep in mind that we have discussed the fact that I will NOT be moving really far from family (HAHA). We..scratch that...I have done research for hours on all of the various posts in acceptable locations. Acceptable to me that is. Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina. He went to MEPS armed with my list. Then I get "the call". I was informed that we had three choices...which REALLY meant we had one choice. We could go to Germany (will do one day but impossible at the moment), HE could go to Korea, or we could go to Texas. Fort Hood Texas to be exact. After plenty of tears, I mean...the Army IS messing with my well laid out plans...this is NOT on my list. It was either take it or leave we took it.

Armed with the knowledge I was left to call the family and let them know where we would be living. Ugh. I hated those phone calls! What's done is done though, right?

For your reading enjoyment, I am going to break these events/updates up because otherwise this would be one reallyyyyy long blog :)