Saturday, May 3, 2008

It has been confirmed

Long story short, I am new to all of this. Hopefully I will get better as time goes on. This is a good point in my life to start something new because my entire life is about to be something new.

My husband was in the Army for 6 years before I met him. He chose to get out of the military which is one of the reasons that I chose to be with him. You see, I grew up an Navy brat and had no desire to continue that lifestyle. Last year my husband approached me about joining the National Guard. We discussed it and decided that he should do it for many reasons. I should have known then that it was the start of something lol. He came to me a few months ago and asked what I thought of him going active duty again. First instinct was to ask if I was being punked! We have already relocated our family across the state to be closer to family, to have the stability of a family network, and now he wants to uproot us all again. As anything goes in our marriage, after a lot of discussing and playing out scenarios and listening to his reasoning, I did what any intelligent wife would do...told him if this was something that he truly wanted, I would stand behind him 100%.

I am not going to lie, military life as a child is difficult, but it was also very rewarding. I don't have lifelong friends, but I have met so many different people. I have never seen skin color or had ill feelings for a person simply because they look different than I do. I can not say that it is all because of being a Navy brat, but I can and will say that had a large role. I did not grow up in Smalltown, USA where the sole person who had skin darker than mine was the outcast and my little tight knit group was all I knew. I grew up believing that all people were equal because that is what I lived all of my life. Anyhow, truth be told, I started to miss the way of the military life. It is so completely different than civilian life. The thought of going back to it, while scary is also very promising.

The process of going from the National Guard to Active Duty can be long and difficult. I have read stories of people begging to be able to do this to no avail. He turned in his paperwork and we kept our fingers crossed and waited for the answer. It came. Yesterday. He has been conditionally released from his Guard contract to go Active. The thrill was overwhelmed by shock I would say. We honestly expected a huge battle and that is not what we received. Sweet. So now we have question upon question about what the future for our family will hold. I am so excited to be embarking on this journey. I can not wait to see where it takes us and I can not wait to share it with the world. The blogging world at least :)